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VESTAMID® L1930 yellow V306160

Evonik Degussa GmbH  
 Technical Data   


Heat-stabilized, glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 12 compound

VESTAMID L1930 yellow V306160 is a heatstabilized, 30% milled glass fibers reinforced PA 12 compound suitable for injection molding.

Due to the reinforcement moldings made from this compound exhibit a high strength and rigidity. Because PA 12 absorbs only little water, the parts have a good dimensional stability and almost unaffected mechanical properties at changing ambient humidity.

Due to the reinforcement the shrinking of moldings is decreased compared with unreinforced compounds. Using specialty short glass fibers for the reinforcement of VESTAMID L1930 yellow V306160 the difference between longitudinal and transverse shrinkage relating to the flow direction of the melt is significantly lower than with common glass fibers. Therefore especially low-warpage precision parts can be molded.

As a semi-crystalline material VESTAMID L1930 yellow V306160 features an outstanding chemical resistance, e.g., against fuels, oils and fats.


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填料/增强材料 • 带压花的玻璃纤维, 30% 填料按重量  
添加剂 • 热稳定剂   
 • Low to No Water Absorption • 高强度 • 耐油脂性能 
 • 半结晶 • 耐化学性良好  
性能特点 • 尺寸稳定性良好 • 耐汽油性 • 热稳定性 
 • 低翘曲性 • 耐油 • 收缩性低 
 • 刚性,高 • 耐油性能  
外观 • 黄色   
形式 • 颗粒料   
加工方法 • 注射成型   

 物理性能 额定值单位制 测试方法
 密度 1.12g/cm³ ISO 1183
 收缩率 3  ISO 294-4
 横向流量: 80°C, 2.00 mm 0.60% 
 流量: 80°C, 2.00 mm 0.70% 
 吸水率  ISO 62
 饱和, 23°C 1.1% 
 平衡, 23°C, 50% RH 0.50% 
 机械性能 额定值单位制 测试方法
 拉伸模量 3700MPa ISO 527-2
 拉伸应力 (屈服) 65.0MPa ISO 527-2
 拉伸应变  ISO 527-2
 屈服 4.0% 
 断裂 10% 
 冲击性能 额定值单位制 测试方法
 简支梁缺口冲击强度  ISO 179/1eA
 -30°C, 完全断裂 6.0kJ/m² 
 23°C, 完全断裂 9.0kJ/m² 
 简支梁缺口冲击强度  ISO 179/1eU
 -30°C, 完全断裂 65kJ/m² 
 23°C, 完全断裂 80kJ/m² 
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VESTAMID® L1930 yellow V306160
Evonik Degussa GmbH   
  热性能 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  0.45 MPa, 未退火 170°C ISO 75-2/B 
  1.8 MPa, 未退火 130°C ISO 75-2/A 
-- 175°C ISO 306/A 
-- 170°C ISO 306/B 
  电气性能 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  表面电阻率 1.0E+13ohm IEC 60093 
  体积电阻率 1.0E+15ohm•cm IEC 60093 

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2 一般属性:这些不能被视为规格。

3 determined on 2 mm sheets with film gate at rim mold temperature 80°C


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